Telture Solutions

We Telture Solutions, provide Computer Telephony Solutions for improving the service quality of an organisation. Our telephony products and solutions work seamlessly with communication solutions of most telecom equipment vendors and are suitable for implementation in any type of business.

Voice Loggers

Provides an efficient method to record and store calls from Analog/Digital/VoIP lines and keeps recorded waves for future reference. Feature-rich interface allows live monitoring, playback and auditing of incoming/outgoing calls happening in business firms.

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Call Center Solutions

Effective inbound and outbound call management platform with inbuilt IVR, call distribution, dialler, agent supervision, full-fledged reports, CRM integration capability, efficient solutions to work from home and more.

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Telephony Cards

Cost-efficient telephony boards are ideal for developing computer telephony based applications. These PCI/PCIe Express compliant boards offer advanced features and supports analog, digital call processing technologies.

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Cost-effective FXO, FXS, ISDN PRI, GSM Gateways can be utilised to connect digital phone trunks/extensions to a VoIP System and PBX. These Gateways connects a traditional PBX to VoIP telephone system and translates the phone signal to VoIP call.

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Interactive Voice Response

Reduces human effort by automatically attending and routing the incoming calls. Tailor made solutions for voice automation, bulk outbound dialling and information broadcasting with recording, conferencing and more are available.

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Call Accounting Software

Call billing and reporting system captures Call Detail Records (CDR) from telephone systems to report on telecom usage and telecom costs. View bill details instantly and control cost to efficiently manage telecom expenditure.

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