IVR Solutions

IVR is a technology which helps the computer to interact with humans over phone and takes input from them through keypress or voice recognition. The system works on pre-recorded files depending on the input given by the user. The solution can be deployed to automatically handle the incoming calls in large volumes and also in areas where outbound dialling is needed.

The IVR uses an automated attendant to answer the call, takes input, processes it and depending on caller's request, routes the call for operator assistance. The IVR solution can be used as a front-end tool for simplifying the process of call handling and automatically managing high call volumes at lower cost. With the use of an IVR, incoming phone enquiries can be resolved without a live agent. If a caller requests for agent assistance, then the call can be transferred to an available agent.

IVR is used in different scenarios like weather telecasting, banking services, retail orders, utilities, medical applications, conveying bill information, travel status, payment reminders etc.


Applicable Areas