Gateways provide simple and cost-effective migration for small and medium businesses. Our powerful FXS, FXO, ISDN PRI and GSM gateways integrate with traditional telephone and IP for seamless voice communications and is capable to route calls accordingly to trunk/extension phones or cellular phones. It can be connected to PBX appliances for providing connections for analog/digital phone lines and the compatibility allows to connect SIP phones so that calls can be received and dialled without any hassle.

Commonly Used Gateways

FXS - Foreign Exchange Subscriber (FXS) interface is the port that provides the analog line to the subscriber. FXS Gateway can convert one or more lines of an IP PBX (VoIP telephone system) to give you traditional 2 wire analog telephone connection.

FXO - Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) interface is the port that receives the analog line. It is plugged to the line from your telecom provider of your analog phone system. The FXO Gateway translates the analog phone signal to VoIP call.

ISDN PRI - Integrated Services Digital Network - Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI) Gateway enables direct routing of calls between the ISDN and the IP network. By integrating an ISDN PRI Gateway with PBX telephone systems, any type of business can benefit from low-cost Voice over IP calls and achieve cost savings without the high upfront costs associated with communications infrastructure changes during transition to IP lines.

GSM - Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications is a technology familiar to us through the use of mobile phones. GSM Gateways are of very much importance where Analog lines or SIP lines are inaccessible (e.g. in rural areas). GSM Gateways converts the cellular connection to IP lines and allow you to integrate GSM network to your PBX systems.

Our FXS/FXO/ISDN PRI/GSM gateways provide an easy and cost effective way to establish flexible communication with telecom network and boost your organisational telephone functionalities.