Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions is used to optimise the handling of all the inbound and outbound calls in an organisation. It's a web-based software solution integrated with state-of-the-art features that help users to deliver quick service and exceed customer expectations. The software offers robustness, reliability and scalability. Incoming calls are attended by an inbuilt IVR and these calls can be automatically distributed to available agents or it can be transferred either internally or externally to a phone number in Call Center Solutions. The automatic call handling and call transfer saves the time of customer support personnel to a large extent, thus enabling the support staff to work more effectively.

The Call Center Solutions comprises of full-fledged outbound call management capabilities that ensures smooth delivery of information to an immense group of customers within fraction of seconds. It can be employed as a powerful telemarketing tool to promote various programs such as campaigns, advertisements, offers and value added services to customers.

The Call Center Solutions provide an integrated set of options for multiple call handling through various incoming channels.